If depression was treated like a true illness – new blog post #depression #bipolar

Depression is evil. If you suffer from depression people get frustrated with you. They think that it’s a choice. The last thing I would choose is to have no motivation. Right now I can’t do anything. I can’t clean my house, do my dishes, play with my animals…
I spend so much time in bed that I’ve begun to hate my bed but I can’t keep myself from going back over and over again. I spent most of today in bed. I haven’t done anything productive. I have prescriptions to fill but I can’t leave the house. My bed feels safe but I don’t know what I need to feel safe from.

I haven’t had a call from a friend all week. I feel lost and unhappy. I don’t want to call anyone because when I’m this depressed I tend to isolate myself. I hide away from people.

I don’t know what to do with myself and I can’t stand living in my own skin.

People support other people when they have illnesses that they understand. I know people who have made dinners to help people, who have helped them with their houses. None of this happens when you struggle with mental illness. I’m expected to get over it. When it’s really bad I just can’t. I can’t do anything. I wish I felt supported by people I’m not paying to support me. My therapist supports me but I pay him to.


Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation #TMS #depression #bipolar New blog post

I had a conversation with the TMS doctor today. I’ve been steadily getting worse since I started it. My weekends have been horrible. I’ve never heard of anyone getting worse from doing TMS but it looks like I am getting worse.

I was talking to my therapist last night. He said that I was doing better before I started and I seem to have been dropping very steadily since I began the TMS. After I thought about it I had to agree with him. I guess I was hoping it could still work but at this point if there is no improvement after 25 sessions at all then it is very doubtful that there will be any improvement at all.

So I am going to go through Friday and if I still have no improvement I am going to stop. I am sad to have another failed attempt at coming out of depression. It sucks so bad to struggle with this all the time.

Falling apart TMS is obviously not working #depression #bipolar New blog post

I feel like I’m falling apart. I’ve done five weeks of TMS and I actually feel worse today than I did when I started. I’m a mess. I’ve self harmed the past two weekends and I feel like I want to again today. I feel very anxious and unhappy. My mood level is sinking. I was a five when I started TMS. I’ve sunk down to a four and I think I’m sinking down to a three today.

I don’t know what do to with myself. I want to go back to bed. I feel lost. It’s like I can’t find a path right now.

I didn’t have therapy last week and no access to therapy. The TMS takes up every afternoon and prevents me from finding the time. I find that when there is no option for therapy I am more stressed out about not having it. If the option is there I’m okay with not having it. I don’t like how dependent on therapy I feel.

Some days I’m just not okay #depression #bipolar #selfharm New blog post

I had a really bad morning. I ended up self harming today. I’m not proud of it. Some days it’s all I can do. I wanted to scream “I AM NOT OKAY!” But who would I scream it to and what good would it do.

There are times I really hate how dependent I feel on therapy. I don’t have group or individual this week. I couldn’t fit my individual in because of the TMS and group is cancelled because Monday is a holiday. I feel an amazing amount of stress about not having anything at all. I hate that I am so stressed about it.

I didn’t do anything productive today or yesterday. I slept almost the entire day yesterday. At least I managed to stay awake today. I am doing a little better now than I was doing this morning. I distracted myself for a while by chatting with a friend on the internet and it brought my mood up a little bit.

I’m frustrated because I was really hoping that the TMS would be showing some results at this point and I’m actually feeling lower now than I was when I started. It’s not good.

Tough day today #depression #bipolar New blog post

I’m feeling very low today. I’ve spent most of my day in bed. I get up for a little while and find myself going right back and going back to sleep. I got up about 45 minutes ago and ate something and I’m really struggling to keep myself up when all I really want to do is go back to bed again. I was having really bad dreams. When I sleep too much I usually have bad dreams.

I don’t have therapy at all this upcoming week which is unusual for me. I have a weekly group and an individual T. Group is cancelled because of the holiday and I can’t fit my individual T in because of my TMS appointments and work.

I have all day today, tomorrow, and Monday with nothing at all. No work because of the weekend and the holiday. I have such a hard time with unscheduled time. I can’t seem to motivate myself to do anything.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation Day 12 #tms #depression New a blog post

Today is my 12th day of TMS. It’s been 16 days since I started. I’ve been really low and sad. I have an issue with self-harm but I hadn’t cut since April. Unfortunately I cut on Sunday. All last week it was banging at my brain, not the TMS, the need to self-harm. I actually feel lower than when I started the TMS. I know someone who is also doing TMS and they said that they had a dip before it started to get better. I hope so. I really thought this would be an answer.

My motivation is really low. My mood is really low. I feel cranky and irritable. I ended up waking up with a headache this morning. That doesn’t happen to me very often but it such a crappy way to start the day.

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation day Seven #tms new blog post

Day Seven today.

Feeling even lower. Probably down to a three. I’m really sad and irritable today. The irritability worries me because when I become hypomanic I get really irritable. I’m hoping it’s not a result of the TMS.