Fetzima and Saphris New blog post #fetzima #saphris #depression #bpd #bipolar

Fetzima 40 mg
Saphris 5 mg
Klonopin 1 mg
Naltrexone 50 mg

Side effects – constipation, some light headedness, dizzy

I finally started taking two doses of Benefiber a day because the constipation was killing me and laxatives make me totally miserable for six hours or more. Thank goodness it worked. I will probably stay on the twice a day dose of Benefiber.

I don’t have the surge of energy I had when I was on just the Fetzima which may have been a bit manic. I think the Saphris has evened me out a bit. I’m not running around but I’m also not wishing I was in bed every minute of the day so I am hoping this continues to work.

I’m not happy that the Fetzima costs me $45 for a months supply and since I’m still on samples of the Saprhris I’m afraid that the copay for that will be $45 too. There aren’t generic Meds for either of these. That means that the four Meds will be about $110 a month. That’s a lot. My old Meds were only $10 or less so it was under $40 a month. The price we pay to be sane I guess.

The Saphris does help me sleep but I really hate the numb tongue and the flavor of it.