TMS day four #tms #depression New blog post

Day four today

The top of my head is a little bit sensitive. I took Advil yesterday on an empty stomach with no water, dry swallowed, and ended up with en entire day of horrible heartburn. won’t do that again.

Today was a bit more trying than they other days. I was very tired today. I visited some friends yesterday and got home really late and then couldn’t fall asleep at all so I was tired and worn out when I showed up for the TMS. It’s hard to have to put up with pain by choice when you are tired and cranky.

It seemed to hurt more today and I’m sure it’s because I was so tired and cranky. Tomorrow is the end of my first week then I get a couple days off before I go back on Monday. I’m glad that I have the weekends off. I feel like I need a break.

Transcranial magnetic stimulation


One thought on “TMS day four #tms #depression New blog post

  1. Marie says:

    I didn’t realize that there were so many side effects of TMS. Every doctor that I have seen presentations from and talked to made it seem like you would have slight headaches when starting but not bad and they would go away. I will be interested to follow your journey through this. I hope it is really helpful though, as is supposed to be quite helpful!

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