Started TMS today #tms New blog post #depression

Today was my first day of TMS. Today’s appointment was about an hour and a half. My regular appointment will be 38 minutes.

The doctor started by mapping my brain. They put the pulse on low and watch for your fingers to twitch. When they figured out where my settings were they figured out how high a pulse I needed. The initial pulse wasn’t bad at all.

When they started the actual treatment it was a little bit painful. It’s a series of pulses for 20 seconds then a pause in between. It felt like a woodpecker trying to find a bug in my head. while the pulses were happening I would feel a small headache in another area of my head but it went away when he pulses stopped. I didn’t have a headache afterwards. I managed to get up to 105% on the first day. They need to get to 120%. I’m sure we will get there tomorrow without a problem. After a few minutes at each level, they started at 80%, it didn’t hurt as much and they were able to go up. It did cause my nose to twitch uncontrollably at first so they moved it around a little bit. It still makes my nose twitch but it’s not uncomfortable.


Feedback is appreciated

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