When your friends don’t understand mental illness – new blog post #depression #tms #bipolar

I have three friends who I’ve been close to for 20 years. In a month or so I will be starting TMS and I wanted to tell them about it. As I was talking about it I noticed the looks they gave each other that they didn’t think I noticed. It really hurt my feelings. Instead of giving each other these looks why didn’t they just ask me if they were concerned or had questions. I mentioned the looks to one of my friends when we were alone. She said that they were just concerned about me. Yes, but we just spent all this time talking about how the problem in our mutual friend’s relationship is the lack of communication and then you do the same thing to me.

At one point I mentioned that I felt like I have struggled with depression since I was a teenager.
One of my friends commented, “but you were fun to hang out with back then.”
I said, “Am I fun to hang out with now?”
She said, “Sometimes.”

Wow, strike two. Feelings hurt again.


2 thoughts on “When your friends don’t understand mental illness – new blog post #depression #tms #bipolar

  1. They get mad when I don’t keep them updated on my life, these aren’t just friends. They are my family of choice. They tell me all the time that they are there to support me.

  2. clairamyth says:

    Perhaps you shouldn’t take the second “strike” personally. Nobody is going to think you’re fun when speaking about your problems. That goes for anyone. Also they may not have spoken for the purpose of not knowing what to say, and maybe that’s why they looked at each other. For the other’s opinion.

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