Luvox – doing okay today. New blog post #depression #bipolar #bpd

Luvox 75 mg
Naltrexone 50 mg
Klonopin 1 mg
Ambien 5 mg as needed

I’m feeling okay today. I actually managed to get a lot of household chores done this morning which feels like a miracle because it’s usually so hard for me to get up enough energy to do anything. I’m wondering if it’s the Luvox.

I’m doing okay with not having side effects. We had tried it at 100mg but I couldn’t sleep. I was also taking it at night and it was activating me. I wonder if I Adan go back up to 100 mg now that I’m taking it in the morning and I do have the Ambien if I need it. I can’t take the Ambien all the time though because it wears me out. Even though I sleep good it makes me tired the whole next day.

I’m hoping I can hold onto this.

I’m working on getting rTMS as well. I should be doing it this summer.


Feedback is appreciated

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