Fetzima – new blog post #bipolar #fetzima #saphris #pharmacogenomics

Fetzima 40 mg
Naltrexone 50 mg
Klonopin 1 mg
Saphris starting this weekend 5 mg

My doc didn’t tell me when to take the fetzima and I was taking it at night with my other meds and I wasn’t sleeping at all. I’m so damn tired. I saw him today and he told me to take it in the morning and added Saphris. He told me to wait to start the Saphris for the weekend because I will probably be really tired the next day or two until I get used to it.

I’m still struggling with side effects from the Fetzima. Dizzy, some nausea, feeling spacey, trouble concentrating, major constipation (ug).

My doc told me that most of that should go away after a second week. I really hope so.

We are going to do genetic testing to see what medications will work better for me. It’s called pharmacogenomics. I guess after two years of trying different meds he wants to see what will work for me genetically. He will do a mouth swab in his office and send it off for testing. Kind of interesting stuff.


Feedback is appreciated

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