Fetzima #fetzima #antidepressants #depression #bipolar #bpd

Brintellix 10mg
Fetzima 20 mg
Klonopin 1 mg
Naltrexone 50 mg

I woke up this morning and started violently dry heaving. Ended up staying home from work today. Then I had awful diarrhea. Uggg

I spent most of the day in my bed. I can’t do anything. I feel frozen. Like doing anything takes more energy than I can stand. I haven’t been this low in a long time. It seems hard to believe that I feel so low and I think I’m as far down as I can go and it gets worse.


2 thoughts on “Fetzima #fetzima #antidepressants #depression #bipolar #bpd

  1. chendri887 says:

    I too am sorry that Brintellix affected you this way. I have taken Brintellix 30-40mg a day for 5 months. I have had minimal side effects, but it is not giving me a robust enough relief for my depression and GAD. Maybe a 3 on a scale of 10. I am not high functioning; I have a hard time holding a job and am constantly struggling with unrelenting anxiety. It’s weird how differently these antidepressants affect all of us. I hope you find the treatment that is right for you. Me, I am still looking too as my life is completely destroyed by mental illness.

  2. Sorry to hear this! I hope you feel better

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