My therapist is an awesome guy – he saves me. New blog post.

In my previous post I talked about what a difficult time I had with group last night. I called my therapist and left him a voicemail asking for a call back. He called me back and talked it through with me. He is awesome. It’s snowing like crazy outside and he’s still in the office. He’s leaving soon but he made sure to call me back before he left. That means the world to me. I love this guy.

He talked to my group therapist. They think that I should try EMDR. Obviously I still have trauma that just smolders inside me waiting to rear it’s head like last night. I love that they talk about me. Having more than one set of eyes on me and more than one brain helping me means so much to me. He said that I should really like the guy who does EMDR. I’m glad it’s a guy. I connect better with men. I’m not sure why but it’s true. My therapist doesn’t know why either. He says that I have trauma with both men and women but I trust men more.

I told my therapist that I am glad I gave all my self harm tools to my group therapist. If I was going to use them any day today would have been the day.

I want to tell him how much he means to me.


Feedback is appreciated

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