Brintellix #brintellix Day Eleven – New Blog post #depression #bipolar #bpd

Day Eleven
Brintellix 10 mg
1 mg Klonopin
50 mg Naltrexone
22.5 mg Remeron – stopping in a few days

Side Effects
My breasts are really sore. I didn’t really think about it but they’ve been sore for a few days. I had a hysterectomy a few years ago so it’s not related to having a period. I’m surprised by how tender they are.

Still feeling low. No motivation to do much. I did manage to do a load of laundry today. I wish I could clean my house. I hate when it gets so messy I just can’t seem to pull myself up enough to do anything about it.

Just because I don’t think I’ve mentioned my mental health team. I have a Psychiatrist who prescribes my medication. He really tries to work with me and I appreciate him so much. I have a tendency towards side effects and treatment resistant depression so he has had a big job. I appreciate him not giving up on me. I see him every four to eight weeks depending on where we are at with Meds.

I am in a weekly group therapy. It is run by a Psychologist. He’s amazing and the unfortunate recipient of my father figure transference issues. He is not even close to being old enough to be my father and I’m not sure what it is about him that triggers me that way but it’s something we are talking about.

My individual therapist. I’ve been seeing him for almost five years. He may be the kindest, gentlest man I know. He has a good sense of humor and can make me laugh. I’m sure that the boundary-appropriate relationship that we’ve had for the past five years has been very healing for me. I see him every other week for the most part. We switch to weekly if there is reason.

All three of them work in the same practice and they will communicate with each other about me to help me. It’s pretty amazing and I’m lucky to have them.


2 thoughts on “Brintellix #brintellix Day Eleven – New Blog post #depression #bipolar #bpd

  1. St.Mary says:

    Hi! My name is St. Mary, but you can just call me Mary 🙂
    Let’s be friends! I have a lot of the same BS going on. I’m a cutter, was diagnosed with BPD, I was just prescribed brintellix too.
    First time I took it I puked my brains out. I started drinking a huge glass of milk with it and that helped.

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