Brintellix #brintellix New blog post – Day one

I am starting a new antidepressant called Brintellix. It’s a new med and there isn’t a lot out there so I thought I would blog my experiences. I was on 45 mg of Remeron, 1 mg of Klonopin, and 50 mg of Naltrexone. I am diagnosed with atypical bipolar and Borderline Personality Disorder also atypical.

I recently stopped taking Lamictal because it made my depression worse and I struggled with self-harm and thoughts of suicide.

I talked to my Psychiatrist about stopping the Remeron because I believed that it wasn’t as effective as it used to be and it wasn’t worth the trade off of the weight gain.

Last night I took my first dose of 10 mg Brintellix. I also cut my dose of Remeron in half. I will stop taking the Remeron completely int two weeks.

Today I feel very anxious and I had a very low frustration tolerance. I don’t get angry and today I felt very angry and frustrated. I’m feeling very jittery right now. No other side effects so far.

I’ll try to update how I am feeling each day.

#depression #bipolar #bpd #antidepressant


Feedback is appreciated

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