What a Grinch I am – new blog post #depression #loneliness #holidays

Ugggg I can’t post this anywhere else because I don’t want anyone who knows me IRL to know and I forgive all of you for skipping this entirely because I’m about to be Grinchier than the Grinch.

Christmas has become such a painful chore for me. I don’t speak to my brother (his choice) and my parents have both died so the only family I have are my two young kids who spend the holiday with my ex because this time of year has me completely falling apart.

It sounds so selfish but I don’t have anything to open. I have two friends from work who get me gift cards but there isn’t anyone in my life who gets me something with any meaning (I’m not being material it would just be nice if someone cared enough to get me something thoughtful).

From Thanksgiving all the way through my birthday is just an emotional mess that I can’t wait to be over and that breaks my heart because I used to love the holidays. (Before 2006 and my divorce) I don’t even decorate anymore.

End of my pity party, hopefully you didn’t read all this crap.


Feedback is appreciated

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