My son’s diagnosis #FAS #ADHD #learning #RAD new blog post

We met with my son’s neuro doc today. She gave us the results of his testing. It feels so hopeless. He has so many problems. How does one little boy with two divorced parents and an autistic brother overcome all this?

It’s scary when the doc tells you that your son isn’t safe. That we shouldn’t ever leave him alone with his brother because he has no impulse controls and could really hurt him.

The doc told us that our son’s frontal love is so underdeveloped that he’s almost entirely living in his amygdala. That means that he’s almost primal in all his responses. She also said that his working memory is significantly lacking.

It is all so overwhelming.

Axis I:​ ​Reactive Attachment Disorder
​Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
​Mood Disorder-NOS
​Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – NOS
​Cognitive Disorder-NOS
​Learning Disability – Written Expression, Reading Comprehension, Basic
​Reading, Mathematics Computation

Axis III:​Frontal lobe weaknesses, neurological/developmental delays due to prenatal exposure to alcohol, processing speed inefficiency, weak working memory, slow graphomotor speed, weak sustained mental control

Axis IV:​Orphanage living, noise sensitivities, academic weaknesses, word retrieval difficulties, weak social skills, parent separation, school related anxiety


One thought on “My son’s diagnosis #FAS #ADHD #learning #RAD new blog post

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