Wow, just reading the review of this movie triggered me…

Have you ever seen the documentary Rage?  Where a little girl talks about wanting to ‘Kill her mommy’ the same way she would talk about eating sweets.  That young child was suffering from RAD.  When we heard about the film THE BOARDER – the first ever film to tackle RAD, we got very excited and I think you will too!

“The Boarder’ written by Executive Producer Jane E. Ryan, directed by Jolene Adams, co-produced by Susana Hornil (‘Dudamel: Let the children play’) and cinematography by Carmen Cabana (‘Cartas a Elena’), is a heartbreaking film that follows eleven year old Carl, Andy Scott Harris (House), who is adopted into a loving family by ‘Zeb’Carlton Wilborn (The Mentalist) and his wife ‘Annika’ Leslie Stevens (Private Practice). As the story unfolds, Zeb bonds easily with Carl but the burden of raising this new addition to the family pushes Annika’s sanity to the…

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