#Parenting – #FAS #autism #RAD new blog post. It’s hard not to give up

I am having a really hard time with my kids. My ex has always been very solid with the boys. Lately she’s falling apart and trying to lean on me for support. I don’t have the emotional stability to support myself. How am I supposed to support someone else? It has become so hopeless. It feels like it will never get better and our entire lives will be a war that we can’t win.
I’m tired of getting emails from my son’s teacher of his unacceptable behaviors. I’m tired of feeling the horrible churning in my stomach when I know it is my weekend with the kids because I know it will result it my kids emotionally and sometimes physically beating me up.
We are waiting on the results of my oldest’s testing. Hopefully that will be the ammunition we need to bring to the school to help get the proper placement for him. He doesn’t belong in public school and I feel so badly for his teacher who has to put up with him disrupting her class every day.
My youngest doesn’t want to come to my house at all. Whenever he’s here he starts screaming and crying that he wants to go home. How do you argue with that? He doesn’t want to be here and he’s starting to hate and resent me because he has to come here. I’ve tried to convince my ex that by forcing him to be here we are ruining any chance of a good relationship between the two of us.
The visits are so much easier when I have one at a time. They fight so much that they become escalated then the fireworks start all over again.
I’m so tired of the battle.


Feedback is appreciated

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