Today is National Coming Out day – new blog post #comingout

Today is National coming out day. I came out as gay when I was 26. Most of my friends told me that they already knew. My mother cried but said she figured. My brother said, “So what.” I now identify as bisexual. Struggling with my identity is a big part of my issues around my depression.

People will joke that bisexuals get to pick from men and women so it should be so easy to find someone. What they don’t realize is that the other person has to be okay with the idea that their lover has been with men and women. It’s not as easy as it sounds. I’ve been single for a long time and being alone is so horrible. I feel so isolated.


One thought on “Today is National Coming Out day – new blog post #comingout

  1. scienerf says:

    It’s hard, I’m Bi too and knowing that people find it either so flippant, repulsive or worrying is always hard. I’ve found a few people who have accepted it easily but the relationships never worked due to the BPD side of me and after the last one…I’ll be waiting a while again before looking. We’ll find people eventually, until then I hope you can find comfort in friendships rather than relationships as I try to do xx

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