Two behavioral #specialneeds children, one #BPD #depressed parent. #Autism, #FAS New Blog Post

I have two boys, 8 and 9. They were both adopted very young and now they both have really bad behavioral health problems. My youngest has autism and can be violent, he beat the shit out of me before, the oldest one has partial fetal alcohol syndrome, reactive attachment disorder, severe ADHD and a mood disorder, and we are in the process of getting neuropsych testing done. My youngest is in a special school, it took two years to fight the public schools to pay for that and now we are in the same process with my older son. Yesterday he stabbed his teacher with a pencil, on purpose, because he was angry. It’s so overwhelming. Have I mentioned that I’m single and although my ex has primary custody it is still amazingly difficult to be a single parent of two severly special needs children.

I feel like I’m just whining but the stress gives me chest pains on some days. It’s so hard.


Feedback is appreciated

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