Feeling pretty good – new blog post

My mood has stayed up and I’ve stopped gaining weight. I think the Remeron/Lamictal/Topamax cocktail is working. I’m hoping that as we slowly titrate the Topamax dose up that I will be able to lose the weight I gained when I started the Remeron. I don’t like that I weigh so much right now but I’m glad that my mood is up.

I’m happy that we have found this solution with summer so close. Working a job that gives me the summer off sounds great but it’s torture when you are severly depressed. Even a weekend, just two days, was a struggle to get through. Right now I feel like I have energy. Not manic energy, I still get tired and need to relax between projects but at least I am able to conceptualize a project and see it through to it’s completion. I worked in my yard today and did some home improvement projects. It feels so good to get things done.


Feedback is appreciated

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