The power of #antidepressants – new blog post

It’s amazing how well Remeron works for my depression. It’s like someone comes along and cleans the dirt off the windows and I can feel the sun again. I had so much energy today. I did well both Saturday and today. I had a bit of a rocky road yesteday but one bad day out of a three day weekend is a million times better than a long weekend of misery.

I’m taking both Remerron and Limictal. When I was on Remeron before I didn’t have any self-control . I was spending money out of control, I was eating out of control. The lamictal is supposed to temper down those uncontrollable urges. Unfortunately I’ve still gained weight; 10 pounds in a month. I now weigh more than I’ve ever weighed. I hate it but how can I go back into that dark hole again. The first thing everyone jumps on is why don’t you excersize more. I’ve managed to develop horrible achilles tendonitis. My primary care doctor has me on 800 mgs of ibuprofin 3 times a day to try to reduce the swelling. It’s torture on my stomach and I’m on strict rules to limit my activity. I’m even supposed to keep my walking to a minimum.

I will be seeing my psychiatrist on Wednesday. I’m hoping he has some thoughts that will enable me to stay on the Remeron but help with the weight.

I want to feel good. I want to be able to do things around my house. I like that I’m excited about my plans for my yard. I want to plant a vegetable garden and flowers. I have a great back yard for landscaping that I have so many ideas for. If I sink back into the depression all those plans will be impossible. I really hope that Dr. E will be able to help.


Feedback is appreciated

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