“Get Me Out of Here” #books #bpd

I just finished reading “Get Me Out of Here” by Rachel Reiland. The book was intense and the ending had me crying. I can’t even imagine feeling better from all the shit I feel like I’m stuck in but here was a woman who was much worse off than I am who is doing so well.

The level that the therapy went to amazes me. Are there therapists out there who are really like that? I don’t want to put down my therapist. I’ve been with him for over two years but it has never had the intensity I felt in the book. I have serious issues with being able to feel loved and lovable and it felt like more than anything that’s what Rachel learned from her therapist. He “re-parented” her.

An amazing book and I would definately recommend it.


2 thoughts on ““Get Me Out of Here” #books #bpd

  1. Lucy says:

    I thought it was an incredible book too and at times had me in tears as well. The level of intensity of therapy surprised me too and the way she could access it. Brilliant book and I gave it to a fellow friend who had BPD. x

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