#autism parents – a cry for help

I’m really struggling with my son. He’s getting big and today he threatened to hit me with an object. I’m not sure if he was going to throw it at me or swing it but I actually felt fear. Fear of my 7 year old. My poor baby. Why does life have to be like this for him.

I need to find care for my son. His day school doesn’t have an after school program and he can’t attend the regular school program. He can’t handle it. I’m so lost. My ex and I both work we need care for him but he’s so difficult that we can’t find someone to care for him between the hours of school and the end of the work day.

What do other autism parents do? If anyone has ideas…



4 thoughts on “#autism parents – a cry for help

  1. terri says:

    Oops and obviously my brain is not in gear this morning as I automatically typed Lucy after reading the last response! Apologies x

  2. terri says:

    Hi Lucy, I work for a small charity based in London who support children with disabilities and their families. (this is us http://www.palaceforall.org.uk excuse the ancient website its been ‘being updated’ for years) I wonder would it help to speak, possibly via email, to parents in a similar situation to you? I could ask some of the parents that I know have experienced the challenges you described wether they’d be willing to contact you to swap notes, share strategies etc. I can’t make any promises but they’re a lovely bunch and I can certainly ask. Let me know what you think. Terri x

  3. Lucy says:


    I’m afraid I can’t offer any personal experience but I just wanted to say I am thinking of you and I hope that there will be people out there to support you and offer advice.


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