Surviving school vacation loneliness

It’s Saturday, it’s been a rough week but It’s almost over. I much prefer to go into work than to stay home. I struggle with so much unstructured time.

I did go to the grocery store today. I’ve been needing to shop for a couple weeks but my depression makes it hard to make the effort, the drive through is so much less demanding. Yesterday I went around to some antique shops, the week is definately ending better than it started. I was extremely low at the beginning of this week. I didn’t really pull out of it until my therapy group which ran on Thursday this week.

I’m starting to wonder about the Wellbutrin and the Klonopin. They are the only two meds I am on right now and I’m lower than I think I’ve ever been, it’s lasted longer and been harder to pull out of. I don’t see my doc until mid-march but I think I’m going to try to move it up and tell him that I want to stop the Wellbutrin. How can it be helping me if I’ve never been so low.


Feedback is appreciated

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