Depression is not a state of mind

It’s only Wednesday. I know I should look forward to time off from work and that I need time off occasionally. I tried to find someone to do something with this week it just didn’t work. This is what heppens when you are at an age when all of you friends are married or have boyfriends/girlfriends. I don’t have any single friends so there isn’t someone who needs someone to hang out with.

I struggle with my depression the most when I’m alone. I feel shut down right now.

Someone told me that depression is just a state of mind. That I need to shake it off and stop being so negative. I’m sorry but what an asshole. Does he think that I choose to be unhappy? I would love to feel good, it’s like saying being gay is a choice. Neither of which is true. Who would choose to feel this way? It’s amazing that someone thinks they know better than medical doctors.


5 thoughts on “Depression is not a state of mind

  1. Angie says:

    I am in the same boat. I am single, most of my friends are married or attached. One thing I thought of was to go and do things I like. I have met a couple of people that likes the same things I do. For instance, I like running so I go running on tracks and will see people around then afterwards end up talking over a water break.

  2. Update: the person who made the original comment apologized and I appreciate that. I just get tired of hearing some things. I have a close friend who has told me that I’m just moping. Trust me, I am really tired of “moping”

    Thought I would include this link.

  3. agree 100%
    As someone who has been on meds for 4 years to combat depression and have had their dosage doubled just this week – I fully concur that that person was being an asshole saying that it’s just a state of mind.
    Just another misconception about depression and mental health.
    It is hugely misunderstood.

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