Locking emotions up in a box so I don’t have to deal #depression

When I was in group last week I was emotionally overwhelmed with the holidays. I told Dr. G. that I didn’t want to talk that night. He asked me if it was too raw. I nodded. He told me that in the future I should consider that it would be better to bring it to group when it is that raw so that they can help me with the emotional aftermath.

Now I realize that he was right. I’ve spent the past week building up walls around all the hurt of the past few weeks and instead of being present with my emotions. I’ve pushed them aside. Doing this is what causes me to constantly break out sobbing for no reason. It’s the unresolved emotional mess.

I will talk about it on Monday, hopefully I can still connect with the emotions of the past few weeks.


2 thoughts on “Locking emotions up in a box so I don’t have to deal #depression

  1. Thanks for the comment. Helps to know others feel it too.

  2. daylily2011 says:

    I know all about walls and feeling raw. It really sucks and I feel for you.

    Therapy has a way of finding our sore spots — but I believe, somehow, the ability to recognize that pain we are feeling is a catalyst to move us into a better place. Once we stop crying and letting out the pain we will move forward. You are on the right path, friend!

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