Birthday blues

It’s hard to turn 41 and realize that the big family I always wanted never happened. When I was a kid and my parents were going through their divorce it was such a horrible time. My parents used my brother and me as weapons in their war against each other. It was such a miserable and stressful time. I would watch the Brady Bunch like it was my bible. I wanted to live their lives, I wanted to be a member of their family. I wanted to feel loved like it looked like those kids were loved.

Now I’m 41 and I have two children who I can’t make happy no matter what I do. I’m single and alone most of the time and I feel like I’m just whining.

My son has already thrown a major temper tantrum this morning.

Happy birthday, eh?

Whine, whine, whine, whine, whine, whine…yes I’ll take some cheese with my non-stop whining thank you very much.


Feedback is appreciated

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