My brother actually drove away as I was pulling up to pick up the kids

My brother has spent the holidays, all of the holidays, at my ex’s house since the divorce. It really bothers me that he picked my ex over me. She has family. He’s the only living family member I have.

The first year after the divorce he spent an hour at my house then took my kids to her house and spent the rest of the day there. He also gave my kids little cars at my house but saved their big presents for her house. Mind you she made twice my salary back then.

The second year they came by and he said, “Let’s not exchange gifts anymore.” found out that he still exchanges gifts with my ex.

Third year didn’t even pretend, I saw him at my ex’s house when I went to pick up the kids. He didn’t even come to the door, I had to go find him to say merry Christmas.

Fourth year I was waiting in the front hall for the kids. I didn’t know he was there, as the kids were getting ready I asked the ex if my brother was coming that year. Turns out he was in the kitchen and couldn’t be bothered to get up to say Merry Christmas to his sister. I went and found him to say it.

Last year I didn’t even bother. He was in the house and never came to say anything to me. I didn’t even try to find him I just picked up my kids and left.

This year he was driving away as I pulled into her street to get the kids. He didn’t even wave. I know I shouldn’t care but it hurts.

I asked him the second year why he picked her over me he said, “We don’t want to lose touch with the kids.” ummm yeah except you can see them at my house. I dropped it. Obviously he doesn’t care.


Feedback is appreciated

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