My son’s meltdowns continue

My son’s meltdowns have continued. Wednesday was a really bad day. He was probably as bad as I’ve seen him. He’s never called me names before, until now. He called me an asshole first. I was shocked. My seven year old little boy calling me names like that. I told him that it made me sad but he said that he didn’t care and then called me a bitch. Once again not a word he’s ever used with me before.

I know a part of this is the change in his schedule. He needs his schedule to be the same day after day and Christmas is more than he can handle. It doesn’t stop it from hurting though. They say not to take it personally. I can’t, I just can’t push away the hurt.

I ended up returning him to his other mom’s house early. I knew I had enough so I called and told her that I was dropping the boys off. She wasn’t happy but she could hear him screaming in the background and I’m sure she could here the hysteria in my voice.

The holidays are supposed to be happy, for me they are just stress and pain. I can’t wait for it all to be over.


3 thoughts on “My son’s meltdowns continue

  1. I’m working on getting a behavioural specialist in my home. Currently insurance covers it for children with autism. It’s just a matter of fighting my ex to get his insurance information.

    Thank you

    • daylily2011 says:

      Great! I didn’t know that they have that but I guess it is similar to a visiting nurse if a person needed help with a medical issue. That sounds like a good support system for you to get into place. Please remember that your child’s behavior does not make you a bad parent and it’s not your fault! You sound like a caring mom that’s doing her best under a very difficult situation.

      Now, it being 12/24 and all, I better get back to wrapping presents like I’m supposed to be doing. My kids are expecting stuff under the tree although now that they are 11 and 14 they know Santa is really Mom and Dad!

  2. daylily2011 says:

    I feel bad for your circumstances and my need to fix things is making it hard to read your blog because it seems like such a difficult situation. You need more support with your autistic son so that his symptoms don’t ovewhelm you. I just don’t know what you can do to make it better. It’s not like you can get a paraprofessional or teacher’s aide like they do in schools. SIGH!

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