Autistic son heading towards another meltdown

My son is very agitated today. He had a horrible meltdown last night and I can feel that he’s headed that way again. It’s so hard when your 7 year old still has tantrums like he’s 3 but has the strength of a big kid. He’s already been all over the dog. It’s so hard to distract him when he get’s something in his head. It’s good that I got a good sturdy mutt and not some small toy dog!

I haven’t picked up my other son from after school care yet and I feel like a horrid parent, but I know that they will push each others buttons and I’m so emotionally worn out. One son with severe ADHD and the other with Autism. They don’t put this stuff on the adoption pamphlets. I hope that no one misunderstands me, I love my boys. I just wish I knew how to enjoy my time with them, to get to do the things that other families do.


Feedback is appreciated

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