Yesterday was a mixed bag

Yesterday definately ran the gambit of being horrible to being good. We started out the morning by taking satan’s hamster back to the pet store. The hamster was adorable unless you went near him or wanted to pick him up. He would bear his teeth and start snapping away. He bit my finger so badly that it wouldn’t stop bleeding and the bruise lasted for 2 weeks. So since guinea pigs are easier to tame we traded him for Peanut. He’s cute and next week I’ll get him a buddy. Guinea pigs like to be in same sex pairs as long as you put them together young enough.

We weren’t leaving for the parade until 4:00 so we had a long day and my autistic son had meltdown after meltdown. I even called my ex to talk to him because he didn’t understand that we were not going to march in the parade if he couldn’t regain some control.

4:00 finally rolled around and we went out to the car. We were going to stop at the store to load up on snacks and drinks. Anyone who has an autistic kid knows that you always have to have snacks and drinks. The dreaded “I’m hungry!!!” or “I’m thirsty!!!” can destroy an afternoon if you don’t have anything. He will start low but whithin 10 minutes he will start screaming that he’s hungry or thirsty until you end up leaving because the screaming won’t stop. The temper tantrums are like a 3 year old on steroids. He started screaming then hitting and kicking and there’s nothing that will change his mind until he has a drink or a snack.

As I was putting the dog into the back of my SUV I hear my older son scream, I look around the car and all of his fingers are trapped in the closed door. Ugggg. And of course it was my autistic son who closed the door, so I have one son screaming, rightfully so, in pain and the other one screaming that he doesn’t deserve any christmas presents and doesn’t deserve to be alive because he hurt his brother.

I ran inside and got the bandages for the smashed fingers. He was okay, thank goodness his fingers are still so little. He had quieted down before his younger brother. My other son took over 30 minutes to calm down.

We finally got snacks and got to the parade. The boys had so much fun. My older son likes to ride on float. My youngest likes to walk beside giving candy to the kids on the sides. He was so proud of himself, “I didn’t throw the candy, I handed it out like I was supposed too.” the kids on the float were throwing the candy and the parade officials don’t like that. At one point my youngest yells out, “STOP THROWING THE FUCKING CANDY!” OMG thank God no one heard him but me. He’s seven but he can swear like a trucker when he wants too. We stay on top of him for language but there is only so much you can do. The parade ended well and they both behaved in traffic and for the drive home. Bedtime! Whew, what a day.


Feedback is appreciated

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