Shopping always feels good

I went out this morning to buy a couple things. I’ve been known to get up at 4 am but not this year. There wasn’t anything exciting enough, or that I could afford, to get up and out that early.

I did get myself some art supplies. I like to do found art collages. They aren’t your pretty hang in the kitchen type artwork, too much angst for that, but it will definately be some art therapy and I’m looking forward to starting my list of pieces I want to create. I pick a topic then I search for images, words, and objects that represent that topic. I can also paint and draw onto the canvas board. It’s a great way to poor out your feelings.

I also went to Eastern Mountain Sports. The North Face backpacks were on sale, 20% off. They are never on sale. I didn’t need to buy an expensive, name brand bag but it was everything I wanted. I’d bought and returned two other bags. I’m finally happy with this one.

I also went to the pet store, I needed to get crickets for the lizards. I also got a good deal on rawhides for the dog and a dog bed.

Got home at 9am after all that shopping, I’m totally ready for a nap.

The gas guy called 20 minutes after I got home. They needed to replace my gas meter. I called them after getting bills for only $8.00 even with the heat on. I knew to call right away, if I had waited I would have owed all the money anyway. I also signed up for the monthly program so my bill is spread out over the entire year. I was really worried about huge bills during the winter. Now I’m not as anxious about it.

So it’s still early but I’m feeling good so far. I am anxious about starting group on Monday but I’m also happy that it is starting. The anticipation is always the worst.


Feedback is appreciated

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