I met with Dr G. about joining the theraputic support group. We decided that it would be a good fit for me so I start next week. I had so much anxiety about not being accepted into the group or not being able to join because of money but it’s going to work out.

I took part in a student vs. teacher basketball game at work. Being terribly out of shape did not make it easy but the teachers won. It was a lot of fun but I still feel like I’m going to throw up from all the running. It felt so good to have fun!

Thanksgiving is coming up and holidays are really bad for me. My brother spends the holidays with my ex and my kids. It hurts that he choose my ex over me. I usually spend the holiday alone. I tend to get invited over people’s houses but I always feel like an outsider. It just becomes a horribly uncomfortable experience. So I stay home. This year my school needed help with the breakfast for the football players. So I’ll be getting up very early to make a million pancakes. I’m glad that the opportunity came up.


Feedback is appreciated

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