I just read the Grand Jury report about Gerald Sandusky and what he did too those poor little boys. I am absolutely disgusted. What the hell is up with men in power covering up for child molesters, I’m sorry let’s call them what they are, child rapists. It happened over and over again in the Catholic church and it has happened here. How can rape of a child be reported multiple times and ABSOLUTELY NOTHING was done to stop this monster.

The physical and emotional damage that man did brings me too tears. I’m saddened and dissapointed that the students at Penn State want to defend the men who knew about this and did nothing. What if this had happened to you? What if a man who was a father figure too you had anally raped you and someone knew about it and did nothing so he had the chance to rape you again?

Children who are abused become damaged adults. The suffer from mental illness, addiction, they become abusers themselves. It needs to stop somewhere. It needs to be reported and dealt with, not covered up EVER.

Some how we, as a society, need to teach children how to speak up. We need to find better ways to protect children from monsters like this one.


Feedback is appreciated

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