The Boys

I just got back from dropping off the boys at my ex’s house. My youngest has been diagnosed with autism, anxiety, ADHD, and separation anxiety. My oldest has severe ADHD. I love both of them so much but I’m amazed that I’m not sitting in a rubber room. They do not get along at all, my older son will whisper things to my younger that completely set him off. I can’t even close the door to the bathroom because within 30 seconds the screaming and hitting will begin.

They are still young, both in second grade. They are in different schools which is good for the sanity of all the teachers and the principal. When they were in the same school my older one would see his brother in the halls and knew just what to say to set him off and we’d end up with another call from the prinicpal.

My youngest wasn’t diagnosed until last year, he’s 7 now. When he was in Kindergarten he would get overwhelmed with the noise in any typical kindergarten class and he would bolt for the door. He actually made it out of the bulding a few times. Very scary for everyone to know a five year old would be running down the street.

He had a rough weekend. I have a dog. He’s normally very comforted by the dog and the dog responds very well to him. If he’s sitting on the couch my mixed breed rescue mutt will jump up next to him and cuddle in. It usually calms him down. Not this weekend, he was bouncing off the walls, jumping on the dog, jumping on his brother.

I’ve been known to close myself in the bathroom to shed the tears of frustration that I don’t want them to see.

It doesn’t help that my ex and I don’t get along at all. It feels like a war and the battles just go on and on.


2 thoughts on “The Boys

  1. AspieSide says:

    I am so sorry, I know that it is rough. Glad that you are online getting support. I find it to be very therapeutic. I can’t even imagine having two of them. It is bad enough that sometimes my husband and son argue. Hopefully your kids will get better at getting along as they get older. I hope you have some peace and quiet while they are at your ex’s.

  2. OracularSpectacular says:

    I applauf your honesty in this post. It must be so hard having two special needs boys, especially as they don’t get along. Hopefully that will change as time goes on, same for you and your wife.

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