I saw my Psychiatrist yesterday. He said he couldn’t think of anything else to try, that we’ve tried everything. It was everything I could do not to burst into tears. He ended up giving me a script for Abilify. I’ve tried Abilify before, it totally disrupts my sleep. Even taking sleep meds with Abilify I can’t sleep. The last time I took it after 5 days of no sleep what-so-ever I called the office in tears because I was overwhelmed with exhaustion. How is it going to be different this time?

Feeling like my doctor is giving up on me made my chest feel so heavy. In my world the results of this type of pain are drinking, klonopin and self harm. The cut was so deep I could see the fat cells underneath my skin. Ironically I’ve cut myself in that area so many times that it hardly bled. The scar tissue has probably destroyed all the veins in that section of my thigh.


2 thoughts on “Appointment

  1. I tried Trazadone it completely revved me up, couldn’t sleep while I was on it even if I took it in the morning and took sleeping meds at night. Unfortunately I am the 1% that has atypical side effects to most medications. I wouldn’t even read the list of side effects when I tried a new medication because I was worried that I was subconciously causing the side effects but I still get extreme, unacceptable side effects. It’s very frustrating.

  2. AspieSide says:

    I obviously don’t know what all they have tried but just wondering if they have ever tried Trazadone for sleep? It is an anti-depressant that works for sleep. It is what my son takes although they want to take him off because it can cause irritability. The last time we tried to switch to a different med it did not go well- he became more autistic & wouldn’t speak to anyone at all. Anyways just wondering if would help your sleep & your depression.

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